:: Geef jezelf de vrijheid – Je bent vrijer dan je denkt! ::

About Oshanis

Hello You!

I compose vitalizing or relaxating music straight from the heart. This is my small contribution to help you set your heart free.

I’d also love to share a few thoughts now and then about personal freedom, and becoming who you already are deep inside, and liberating your soul… How can we take small or large steps to experience more joy, peace and freedom in and around us.

Maybe I’m naive, maybe I’m too self confident, but everytime I take such a small step, my heart feels lighter and my soul sings.

I’m happy to share with you my concerns and my peace, my sorrow and my joy. Please do share your own experiences and life questions with me.

§ Oshanis

” § ” means to me: we are all connected, if not through the internet, then by the air we breathe. It’s a kind of hug, expressing: let’s inspire and touch each other, because that might be part of the life we were born to live… 🙂

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